Long-Term Care Insurance

Persons insured under statutory long-term care insurance

For more than two million beneficiaries, the long-term care insurance offers protection against the consequences of dependency and the need for continuing nursing care. The law clearly defines what constitutes a need for care and who is entitled to such care. Overview of persons entitled to care benefits >>

Benefits provided by statutory long-term care insurance

The benefits provided by long-term care insurance have been established rapidly since the insurance went into effect in 1995. The transparency of this type of insurance, along with education and advice provided to the insured, are factors that play a special role here in ensuring that those affected are able to benefit from the insurance in the future. Overview of long-term care insurance benefits >>

Financing statutory long-term care insurance

Statutory long-term care insurance is set up as a "uniform insurance" - with uniform benefits and no differences in contributions. Contributions are made equally by the insured and their employers. Overview of financing for long-term care insurance >>

Long-term care insurance - the five branches of statutory social insurance

As the most recently instituted of the five branches of German social insurance, the long-term care insurance closes a large gap in the social safety net. It provides around 80 million people living in Germany with insurance that was not available previously against the eventuality of requiring long-term care. Organisational structure of statutory long-term care insurance >>