Health Insurance

Health insurance in Germany. Who is insured?

To prevent an illness from becoming a financial risk, the statutory health insurance funds cover members and their families in the event of illness. Anyone working in the Federal Republic of Germany is usually compulsorily insured, i.e. automatically covered by statutory health insurance. But to find out exactly who is insured, see: Who is insured under statutory health insurance? >>

From early detection to sickness benefit. Benefits provided by statutory health insurance

Did you know that statutory health insurance does more than merely cover the costs of medical treatment, early detection and hospital stays? As a community based on solidarity, the statutory health insurance system has the task not only of restoring the health of insured persons, but also of providing measures for maintaining and improving health. Overview of statutory health insurance benefits >>

Financing statutory health insurance

For the most part, statutory health insurance finances itself mainly through the contributions of employees and employers. The amount of the contribution depends on the individual income of the insured person. The basic principle is that those with greater financial means support those in a weaker position. Overview of financing for statutory health insurance >>

Organisational structure of statutory health insurance

The health insurance funds under statutory health insurance are like all social insurance agencies independent, self-administering corporations under public law. This means that they are financially independent and carry out their legally mandated tasks under their own authority. Overview of the organisational structure of statutory health insurance >>

Health insurance in changing times. An historical overview

Social protection for those who fall ill has a long tradition in Germany. As early as 1883 a health insurance scheme was established to provide assistance for workers in the event of illness. During the course of the past 120 years the health insurance system has proven its worth despite major political and economic upheavals. The history of statutory health insurance >>